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Rezultate concurs sustinut de Fundatia Soros Romania si Centrul Roman pentru Jurnalism de Investigatie
Castigatorii competitiei "Jurnalism de investigatie in slujba interesului public" sunt: Alina Moscalu, Roxana Jipa, Oana Dan, Olimpia Filip, Radu Burlacu, Vlad Mixich, Petru Zoltan, Daniel B ...
From S.O. 10-08-11
Wikileaks Romania
CRJI publica pe site-ul propriu ( toate telegramele care mentioneaza Romania, telegrame pe care le-a obtinut de la organizatia Wikileaks. Poti citi telegra ...
From S.O. 05-07-11
Finantari de pana la 3.500 USD pentru cel putin 10 proiecte jurnalistice
Finantari de pana la 3.500 USD pentru cel putin 10 proiecte jurnalistice Cel putin 10 proiecte de investigatie jurnalistica vor primi finantare in cadrul competitiei nationa ...
From S.O. 29-06-11
Wikileaks Romania
Acum, intreaga arhiva Wikileaks Romania este disponibila online pe Se pot face cautari simple folosind motorul general al site-ului sau pot fi vizualizate toate telegramele, in ...
From S.O. 29-06-11
Centrul Roman pentru Jurnalism de Investigatie detine telegramele trimise intre diverse ambasade ale SUA si Departamentul de Stat, telegrame pe care le-a obtinut de la organizatia Wikileaks. ...
From S.O. 01-04-11
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Fracking Romania


Fracking Romania / 09-08-2013
The ‘shale gas revolution’ has been a blessing for the U.S. Industry, but when this energy miracle is exported to other countries it could end up being a curse for their people. The McIntyres felt like they had discovered gold 20 years ago, when they moved into an area far from the city and drilled a well that yielded crystal clear and freezing cold water. Their previous home had no running water, ...

ROantanamo – prinsi in reteaua CIA / 18-03-2013
by George Colgiu and Stefan CandeaThe assembly rooms of a former vodka factory, operated by two Romanian businessmen with multiple citizenship and connections to the Romanian secret services were the cover of a secret CIA prison, next to Băneasa Airport, which was used intensely for this program. For a few years, the Romanian secret services provided CIA with support for the transportation, in ...

Traficanții de cetãțenie te fac român cu acte mãsluite / 18-09-2012
Dodgy dealers in Romanian nationality can conjure up genuine documents for fake applicants, investigation reveals. > By Adrian Mogos and Vitalie Calugareanu in Bucharest and Chisinau > > Stalin would not have been amused. A man named Vladimir, apparently the Soviet dictator’s great-grandson, stands at the threshold of acquiring a Romanian passport and with it, the right to work w ...
Adrian Mogoș


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de Stefan Candea si Sorin Ozon

The project "Transdniester - Revealing Europe's black hole" is an investigation of CRJI, financed by SCOOP in Danemark and SAS in Switzerland. The participants in this project are the following journalists: Vitalie Calugareanu (Chisinau), Vlad Lavrov (Kiev), Igor Boldyrev (Odessa), Alexander Bratersky (Moscova) and foto Robert Ghement.


The journalistic investigation was financed by the Scoop project (through the Danish Investigative Journalists Association – FUJ) and by the organization Small Arms Survey from Geneva.

The Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism realized a 3 month investigative project regarding the Eastern border of Romania, with Moldavia Republic and Ukraine, considering the fact that this will be the Eastern border of the European Union. “The Final Frontier” is a series of 4 articles which will be published in “Jurnalul National” (Romania), “Flux” (Moldavia), “Kiev Post” and “Slovo” (Ukraine).

This project was financed by the Danish Association for Investigative Journalists (FUJ) and was coordinated by the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism (CRJI).

A serie of articles about Nicu Gheara and his network. 

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